Network Operations Center UCF Border Network Speed Test

These tests will measure the performance of the network and/or internet between the machine you are running it on and the edge of the UCF network that is connected directly to our service provider. Please enter your NID when asked and click OK. You must have Java installed for this test to work. If you receive an error below, please install the latest version of Java from and then retry this page. Please disable all programs that may be using your network connection before running the tests, for example stop all file downloads, to ensure that your speed test is as accurate as possible. After clicking OK you will see several different tests run. Please wait for the tests to complete fully. You will see a Summary tab appear when all tests are completed. You may click on the individual tabs and options to examine your results if you wish. All results will be logged under the NID entered so that NOC may examine individual results if necessary. To re-run the tests use your browsers refresh button. If you are testing from a home connection please run the tests a total of 3 times, waiting one minute between each.

Java is required to view this applet